Wedding Mother of the Bride diamante Jewellery box heart pewter black writing

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5.00 (cm)
8.40 (cm)
10.40 (cm)


Ideal present for the mother of bride on her special day, this pewter finish Jewellery box will store all your special memories safely.
Perfect for home party, wedding, birthday celebration etc.
A perfect gift for him or her on any formal occasions.

Specifications of Product
  • Brief Description : Wedding Mother of the Bride diamantes Jewellery box heart shaped pewter finish with Maid of the Bride in black writing to the centre of heart
  • Category : Wedding - Anniversary & Engagement
  • Condition : Brand New
  • Material : Pewter
  • Colour : Silver Grey
  • Department : Women
  • Gender : Female
  • Suitable For : Adult
  • Type : Wedding Jewellery Box
  • Theme : Wedding
  • Character : Mature
  • Style : Modern
  • KG Weight : 0.218
  • Product Depth in CM : 10.4
  • Product Width in CM : 5
  • Product Height in CM : 8.4
  • Measurements : 10.4 X 5 X 8.4 CM
  • Brand : Angel

We have this wonderful range of Wedding Mother of the Bride diamantes Jewellery box heart shaped pewter finish with Maid of the Bride in black writing to the centre of heart.

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Made from the very best materials and finished to the highest quality.

Shipped within 24 hours - Monday to Friday
Please let us know if you have any questions and we will get back to you soon
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Retail Price:
Brand New
Silver Grey
Suitable For:
Wedding Jewellery Box
Any Room
10.4 X 5 X 8.4 CM
10.4 X 5 X 8.4 CM
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